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On foot...
Set off along our communal rambling trails to explore the region’s picturesque villages.
  /stroll in Chancay.pdf
 /stroll in Reugny.pdf
 /stroll in Vernou-parcours.pdf
  /stroll in Vouvray-parcours.pdf

By bicycle...

Bike Loire & Soils

Bike Loire & Terroir: From Rochecorbon to Amboise, discovery a trail bike between the Loire and the vineyards.

Sharing the desire to enhance the built and typical Loire landscape, the Community of Municipalities of Vouvrillon and Val d'Amboise have created a first cycle route, in connection with the "Loire à Vélo".

Right bank of the Loire, between the western boundary of Rochecorbon and the railway station of Amboise, the loop "Biking, Loire and soil" allows the secure discovery of local heritage: vineyards and wineries, mansions and beautiful homes, troglodyte, vals of Cisse and Brenne ...
Discoveryourself, with family and friends, the quiet treasures of the Loire Valley during a trip where you pass through the villages and their old homes, cave, on a hillside, along a shady path following the river, or amidst vineyards ...

You can download the itinerary : /LOIRE_SOILS.pdf 

  The Loire by bike:

“Loire à Vélo” is an open invitation to enjoy Val de Loire at your own pace. The itinerary takes you along the river’s left bank, from where you can enjoy a series of magnificent views of our hillsides and vineyards.

Website :

Bicycle hire:
In Rochecorbon, the Embarcadère Restaurant rents out bikes by the day or for the weekend from March to October.
Adress: 52 quai de la Loire 37210 Rochecorbon. 
Phone number :  +33 (0)2 47 52 80 90
In Vouvray, bikes may also be rented from the Auberge du Grand Vatel during the summer tourist season.
phone number +33 (0)2 47 52 70 32
More informations on the following websites : On the water...
Fishing on the Loire

The Loire is classed as a second-category piscicultural river.  
Discover Loire plan of peche from Fédération de Pêche 37

Lake and river fishing
La Loire; Plan d'eau de la Gare 
2nd  piscicultural category
Near the center of Vouvray, the place « plan d’eau de la Gare » is a property of the Departemental Federation. The associative network’s missions include the undertaking maintenance and restoration, as well as protecting aquatic ecosystems. Opened all year long, this fishing place contains several kind of fish like pike, pike-perch, … Differents fishing permits are available, you can chose on the following web site

You can also buy them in our Tourist Office, at the opening hours of the desk.
Fishing rights (banks, shores) belong either to the State (rivers, canals) or private owners (rivers, lakes and streams). Authorized angling associations (AAPPMA) and the federations that represent them buy or rent these rights to help anglers enjoy their hobby. The fishing permit allows them to access and use fishing areas.
2 second-category lakes.
Open all year round for still fishing; for predator fishing, enquire about dates.
1.5-hectare lake in the centre of Reugny (near the gymnasium).
Information from the Amboise AAPMA at +33 (0)2 47 57 17 67.
Fishing season opens on 1 May.


La Quintainesite, near the football and bowling grounds and the tennis courts.
A lake ideal for fishing and for family outings. Games organised for children.
Association des Pêcheurs du Lac
Mr Marcadet Didier, Président.
phone number +33 (0) 06 81 41 67 08
Email :

Vouvray, River fishing "La Cisse" and "la Loire"
2nd piscicultural category. Pike are particularly plentiful here
Contact : AAPPMA de Vouvray « le goujon de Loire ».
Phone number +33 (0)2 47 41 06 15

Reugny, Chançay and Vernou sur Brenne, river fishing "The Brenne"
1st piscicultural category in its upstream section.
The river contains large numbers pf fario trout.  
Contact : AAPPMA de Tours « Lancer Club » : secteur Reugny.
Phone number +33 (0)2 47 50 72 94

Fishing permit depositary : 
In Monnaie : Bar PMU du Centre, M. et Mme SOULIER phone number +33 (0)2 47 56 11 05
In Rochecorbon : Tabac-Presse 55 r du Docteur Lebled phone number +33 (0)2 47 52 87 22
In Vernou s/Brenne : « Le Vers-Nous » 4 r Lucien Arnoult phone number +33 (0)2 47 52 10 25.
In Vouvray : « Vitinegoce » 91 route de Monnaie phone number +33 (0)2 47 52 70 09, or « Bar-Tabac le Bouchon », place de l’Eglise phone number +33 (0)2 47 52 72 44.


Circuit découverte vélo
Address : 37210 VOUVRAY
more details
Plan d'eau "les Grèves des Tuileries"
Email :
Phone : 02 47 05 33 77
Address : Les Grèves des Tuileries
RD 952
more details
plan d'eau de la Gare Vouvray
Plan d'eau de l'Arche
Email :
Phone : 02 47 56 10 20
Address : Rue du Lavoir
more details
Plan d'eau du site de la Quintaine
Email :
Address : Lac de la Quintaine
more details
Site de la Quintaine
Point de location Détours de Loire
Email :
Phone : 02 47 61 22 23
Address : Restaurant Le Grand Vatel
8 avenue Léon Brulé
more details
Détours de Loire
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