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Crossed from north to south by the River Brenne, Reugny lies along the Brenne Valley and is a village typical of the region. It was first mentioned in 1104 in the Marmoutier Charter, under the name of Ruiniacum. Reugny is the birthplace of the Le Baume le Blanc family, which earned its place in French history thanks to its descendant Louise de la Vallière, who became Louis XIV’s official mistress in 1661. Château de la Vallière, which once belonged to the family, overlooks the village, which also contains a number of other remarkable buildings, including Saint-Médar Church, which harbours the tomb of one of Louise’s grandparents, Château de la Côte, Petit-Rochecorbon, Château de Launay, the burgher’s house that now acts as town hall, and the four water mills – du Pont, de la Vallière, du Puits, and de Chareau.

More information :
Mairie de Reugny  phone number  : +33 (0)2 47 52 94 32

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