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Best rooms in the business


Take a look at just a small part of the rooms we have prepared for you. You are going to love them and you can have any one of them today.

$100 per night


You get all the things you need and you can be our guest on a budget. It is that possible and it is something we are proud of. Thank you and have a great time. 

$150 per night

Standard Lux

For those who want basic and affordable accommodation but still want something more. The rooms are great in any way and always available. We have over 230 of them.

$200 per night


Here we have an accommodation offer like no other. It is above average but still remains extremely affordable. This room type is the most popular at the moment and great for all kinds of purposes.

$300 per night


It is a mid-range room with advanced offers, luxury furniture and all the rest you will need. It is far more sophisticated than you may believe and it is a great solution for all who want more for less.

$350 per night

Lux Suite

If you are more a suite man, this offer is great for you. It is one of the most affordable suits we have to offer and one of the most popular. At the end of a day, it is perfect accommodation for those who simply want more.

$400 per night

Pro suite

The best type of a suite we have to offer. It is extremely luxury, elegant and it is something else. Add great room service and you will think you on heaven.

$500 per night

Penthouse basic

For guests who don’t want ordinary things, who want something special, something else and something appealing in any way imaginable. It is simply stunning, period.

$600 per night

Penthouse lux

A more advanced and more sophisticated penthouse than the first option. It is still beautiful, but offers even more space and has even better appeal.

$1000 per night

The villa

The best thing we have to offer to you. It is simply stunning option and not something we can describe with words. You will need to take a look at the villa and see for yourself.