Although vaping appeared in the market a long time ago, it slowly and steadily rung the death knell for traditional cigarettes as more and more smokers, understanding the dangers cigarette smoke posed to their health, and that of their family members through passive smoking started shifting towards vaping. Vaping work by heating vape juice (a mixture of propylene glycol, water, nicotine, flavorings, sweetening agents, and glycerin), converting them to vapor, which the user inhales. As they do not contain toxic chemical compounds as the traditional cigarettes do, they do not pose health risks for the user.

However, many users complain that they do not feel the exact taste the vape juice is supposed to provide. This is where quality authentic vape juices are far ahead of the standard vape juice. History is about to repeat itself as an increasing number of people are shifting their loyalty towards natural e-liquids.

Why the difference

Have you ever drunk synthetic orange juice or any other juice for that matter? You must have noticed that it does not taste the same as juice extracted from oranges. The reason behind this is the synthetic flavoring agents used. Although scientists have tried their best to replicate the taste of organic flavor, they have not been successful.

It is the same with standard e-liquids too. They cannot provide the same flavor or taste that the natural e-juices do. All of the synthetic ingredients used in e-liquids are available in organic form too, with the sole exception of propylene glycol (PG). Therefore, many manufacturers of organic e-liquids do not include it in their composition.

Does the exclusion of propylene glycol make any difference?

PG has a stronger throat hit and its proportion in the mixture is directly proportional to the throat hit the user experiences. Apart from this, certain individuals are allergic to this substance. The exclusion of PG from vape juice makes no difference in the volume of vapor, as glycerin is the substance that generates vapor.

In conclusion, the user will feel no difference if PG is not present in the e-liquid. This is what the manufacturers of an organic e-juices bank on. Apart from this, the inclusion of organic flavors, vegetable glycerin, and USP grade nicotine. Thanks to this innovative move, users of vape juice can now vape with peace of mind, knowing they are using a nicotine delivery option that lessens the harm from tobacco combustion as well as from pesticides.

Selecting the best e-liquid

As more and more manufacturers are introducing quality vape juices, consumers face a problem deciding which one is the best and provides excellent flavor reproduction. It is the same while choosing a specific brand of vaping kit. A private survey, held among 1,000 vapors, users using vape juice revealed that the majority of them prefer ELiquid Depot because of the supreme quality of their e-juices as well as the wide range of flavors they are available in. In fact, no other manufacturer provides such a diverse range of e-liquids. On top of that, they also sell other brands in their website